Thank you from the HREA staff! HREA supports human rights and educational institutions in transitional democracies in developing human rights curricula and training materials. We also provide training opportunities to many human rights defenders and NGO staff in developing countries through scholarships. With your financial contribution we can continue to assist our colleagues in their important work. What your financial contribution will go towards: US$ 50 –> sends an HREA training manual to a trainer overseas US$ 100 –> supports the Global Human Rights Education Community of Practice US$ 250 –> enables the translation of a human rights study guide into Creole, Farsi, Hindi or Swahili US$ 500 –> provides a scholarship for a human rights defender for an HREA e-learning course or training workshop US$ 750 –> supports a teacher training workshop at a Human Rights School Thank you very much for considering a donation!*

* Donations can also be made by check (made out to HREA, 689 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139-3302). For any further information about donating to HREA, please call +1 617 301-4379 (Sophie Feintuch).