HREA-UPEACE Human Rights Centre courses

Indigenous Peoples Rights Course & Field Visit 2015-updatedHREA and the Human Rights Centre of the UN-mandated University for Peace jointly offer a variety of e-learning courses, training workshops and blended learning programs in English and Spanish.

Upcoming e-learning courses and blended learning programs:

First term 2015 Brochure (PDF)

Corporate Social Responsibility (18 March-28 April 2015)

Second term 2015

Indigenous Peoples’ Rights (27 May-7 July 2015)
5th Annual Indigenous Peoples’ Rights Course & Field Visit in Costa Rica (27 May-7 July and 3-9 August 2015)

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Human Rights Education Associates (HREA) is an international non-governmental organisation registered as a charity in the Netherlands and a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit in the United States and has consultative status with the United Nations. HREA is one of the leading organisations worldwide dedicated to education and training in and for human rights. Each year HREA trains thousands of development and humanitarian workers, educators, human rights defenders, staff of (inter)governmental agencies, law enforcement, legal and media professionals around the world. HREA courses and training >>

The University for Peace, established as a Treaty Organization with its own Charter in an International Agreement adopted by the General Assembly in resolution 35/55 of 5 December 1980, has the mission: “to provide humanity with an international institution of higher education for peace and with the aim of promoting among all human beings the spirit of understanding, tolerance and peaceful coexistence, to stimulate cooperation among peoples and to help lessen obstacles and threats to world peace and progress, in keeping with the noble aspirations proclaimed in the Charter of the United Nations”. The University for Peace Human Rights Centre is created within the contours of this broader mission of the University. UPEACE HRC >>